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A popular e-learning platform for students in CBSE classes 5–12. It offers study materials like NCERT solutions and previous year question papers.

About Scholars Rise

Scholars Rise believing with Best Teachers along with the highest quality of education for students for competitive examinations such as JEE (Main), NEET , KVPY , NTSE , RMO, Foundation..It is our responsibility to develop them by providing a structured, healthy environment and a proven coaching programme.


Who We Are?

Edulux Rankup Classes is Our Online Channel Partner.

Our online platform, Edulux Rankupclasses, provides students with the best study materials, videos of our teachers teaching to the best of their ability, and real-time interactions with our teachers, ensuring that we help students achieve their academic goals.

Our Mission

The quest for the top offline coaching institute for students from various job fields to prepare for various competitive tests like JEE (Main), NEET , KVPY , NTSE , RMO, Foundation.Individual needs and requirements for reaching the goal are of importance to the Institute. In order to provide clarity and vision towards the goals of students, Our Academy sets a standard with their excellence of education and dedication for the career of the students

Our Academy establishes a standard with their excellence in education and attention to the students career aspirations in order to create clarity and vision toward their goals.